One on One Live Lessons with Instructors from Top Universities and Companies.


Level Assesment

We will assess the students coding skills. Students will be placed based on the age or by the experience level.


We will match the students with the instructor that graduate from top university (Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA) or top Companies (Google, Amazon)


Student will meet one on one through online once or twice a week for 1 hour and work on the exercise outside of class.

Our Teachers

Lizzie is pursuing his Bachelor of Science from Stanford University. She interned in Amazon before during summer 2016 and she has build many websites as the side projects.

Lizzie Thompson ( Stanford )

Emma graduated from UCLA as the computer science major. She has been teaching kids for 5 years from all ages. She joined many coding competitions during her years at UCLA.

Emma Velasquez ( UCLA )

All Courses

Design and Code Games with Scratch (Age 5 - 12)

This course is designed for our youngest students. We will introduce a lot of STEM materials (such as math and basic algebra) with the coding as the introduction to computer science, teaching them how to be creative, reading, writing and pubic speaking. At the end of the course, the students will accomplish 2 of their own games.

Math Expert (All ages)

This course will be more focusing on the math problem instead. The foundation of computer science is math itself and we want the student strengthen their problem solving skills through solving math problems.

Web Builder : Build and Deploy your own website (All ages)

In this course, student will be introduced with the web programming concepts. They will be able to design the website and build it from scratch. The best part, the website will be accessible in real time. 

Coding 101 (Age 8 -16)

In this course, we will introduce the students with the basic programming concept such as conditional, looping, variables, and recursion. This class is good for the students that want to focus only in the programming concepts itself.

Code Apps with Java (Age 8 - 16)

With this course, student will be able to develop their own real app using Java. They can submit it on the app store and share it with other family members and friends as well. 

Develop and Code Games with Unity (Age 10 - 16)

Unity has been used by many professional game developer around the world. In this course, students will be able to develop their own game using such as angry bird, mario bros and so on. This course will improve the creativity and logical thinking of the students.

Algorithm Expert : Python (Age 12-16)

This course is for more advanced students. We will train their problem solving skills and using the real coding paradigm to solve real world problem. Algorithm is the basic of computer science and have been used in a of interviews by big companies such as Google, Apple and Facebook.

Entrepreneur 101 (All ages)

Many kids decided to be the entrepreneur by having their own youtube channel, instagram account and websites. In this course, we will teach the students the basic of brand marketing, how to make money from the social media or selling stuffs through online channel.

USACO Training Program

This course is a special program for those who will or is joining USACO (USA Computing Olympiad) in the four online contest held per year. We train the students to work on more complex problems and teaching them more advanced programming and algorithm concepts. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

Choose Your Online class PLAN

Pick a program that best fits your kids needs. 

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1x recurring meeting every week

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60 minutes online lessons

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1x recurring meeting every week

Private ( 1 student : 1 teacher )

60 minutes online lesson

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2x recurring meeting every week

Private ( 1 student : 1 teacher)

60 minutes online lesson

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